CANGATEWAY SMART – BMW, VW GOLF 7, SEAT LEON, SKODA OCTAVIA, AUDI A3CanGateWay smart is now available in two equipment variants and intended for following car models:

CanGateway Smartfor BMW – Seria Fxx,

CanGateway Smart  – for VW GOLF 7, Seat Leon, Skoda octavia, Audi A3.

CanGateway Smart is intended for research and development purposes only (off road) –
it allows you to perform tests on vehicles under laboratory /  testing conditions as well as various vehicle tests and measurements on a chassis dynamometer.

CanGateway Smart device prevents from recording the number of kilometres/mileage of the vehicle while performing tests on a vehicle.

The main advantages of the CanGateway Smart device are easy and quick installation as well as ease of use

CanGateway Smart comes with dedicated plug and cable to connect to a vehicle and is ready for installation.