499 9.499 

DiagProg4 allows you to perform a diagnosis quickly and to process all memory locations.



Each DiagProg4 package always contains:

  • DiagProg4 (DP4) device
  • Software: “Software unit” – the software that runs (only together) with (original) device DiagProg4, CodiProgUSB or Cangateway. “DiagProg4 Copyright (C) Elprosys 2001 to 2015” – (firmware) – part of the software that runs (only) with (original) device DiagProg4, “DiagProg4Setup” – the part of the PC software used to control and update the software – software works on any PC and is compatible only with original device DiagProg4.
  • Adapter for power supplying from a car lighter
  • Test Adapter
  • Parallel Adapter
  • USB cable
  • CD-ROM with software and manuals (pdf)
  • Agreement of use that grants technical support for the user as well as updated software releases
  • Small or big case for the device


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