The mileage blocker is used to stop the storage of the kilometers driven in all memory locations. It is also called mileage stopper, mileage freezer, odometer stopper or speed filter. It is the professional alternative to the speedometer adjustment. The mileage blocker can be operated comfortably via the keyboard on the steering wheel. We offer the mileage stopper for different vehicle makes and models. The installation is always the same simple. The speedometer stopper is simply plugged behind the speedometer. Through the very easy operation, you can decide whether you want it on or off. The speedometer filters from Tachoteam are NOT Chinaware, but certified hardware manufactured in Germany, which is characterized by reliability and precision.

Quality of the mileage blocker guaranteed:

  • the kilometers are stopped in ALL existing memory locations and control units
  • own production from the market leader since 1992
  • easy installation and removal
  • warranty by master craftsman
  • no error messages in the electronics of the vehicle
  • use of high quality materials for your safety

The company Tachoteam has been dealing with the whole field of car electronics since 1992. We are not only market leader in the field of professional speedometer adjustment, but also in the field of speedometer repair, individual chip tuning and for professional coding and learning of car keys. Our mileage blockers also stand for quality and reliability. We do NOT use stoppers from China, but manufacture our stoppers ourselves in our development department. This way we can guarantee 100% reliability. Our speedo stoppers stop the kilometers in ALL memory locations and thus ensure error-free electronics in your vehicle. In addition, our mileage stoppers show the driven speed for each model.

We can only warmly recommend that you keep your hands off so-called Chinaware, as the consequential damage is often immense and can often not be corrected afterwards. Rely on quality and turn to Tachoteam – your expert around the speedometer!

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