Mileage blocker BMW X5 G05

Mileage blocker BMW X5 G05

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mileage blocker – mileage stopper – mileage freezer – odometer stopper – car mileage blocker – speed filter for BMW X5 G05


The mileage blocker BMW X5 G05 since 2018 onwards stops the kilometers in ALL memory locations and ALL control units. Here the module does not have to be reset each time, because it saves the last selected setting.

Our mileage blocker have the following advantages:

  • easy and fast installation, because the module does not have to be programmed
  • Programming takes place automatically through Plug & Play
  • Module is simply activated and deactivated via key combination
  • No interferences in the electronics, since German branded product (no China goods!!!)
  • Speed display, cruise control, speed limit and other techniques work according to the selected mode (speed display and assistance systems only work WITHOUT software update from 2019)

BMW mileage blocker

If you do not have a start-stop button, we offer you an alternative based on our own patented development!


Attention! We assume no liability for damage caused by self-installation or installation by third parties.

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