Abrites Diagnostic tool BMW / Mini

Abrites Diagnostic tool BMW / Mini

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Software packages for BMW and Mini

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Abrites Daignose Tool for the BMW and Mini group

The tool allows general diagnosis, programming, coding and key programming for BMW vehicles as well as the adaptation of the modules used from one car to another.

General diagnosis

Abrites can be compared with the usual dealer software for the diagnostic function not only with BMW and Mini. Abrites has an actuator and live data options, but the AVDI is characterized by the speed and simple representation of the available data. In contrast to most other devices available on the market, data entry and observation is possible in numerical or graphical format without size limitation. By activating the Akotrs, an observation of the live data is possible. The maintenance intervals can be reset and the abrass displays the changed values ​​in a clear view.


The coding function of abrites makes it possible to read and change the vehicle data in countless languages. In this case, each unit of the vehicle can be encoded. With the AVDI, the user is also able to optimize the user-defined options in various modules. Examples of this are the TV release and various lighting options.

FSC codes

With Abrites one is able to generate serial numbers for the latest maps for NBT-Navigation.


The Abrites is able to reflash the existing firmware of the individual modules with other software versions. It does not matter whether it is older or completely new software versions. The firmware version of the individual module is displayed to the user of the abrites and a suggestion for the version change is submitted. Unlike many other software tools, Abrites can choose any Flash version. It is easy to use because the user can either accept or reject the suggested Flash versions. In the second case, the user can easily select the desired Flash versions. As a result, there is hardly any limit to flexibility. In addition, problems can be solved that can not be managed by traditional hand tools. An example would be the search for data flashes of engine control units.

Program IDs

With the Abrites you have the possibility to modify the vehicle identification numbers. This is necessary, for example, when replacing the engine control unit. But also for example the flashing of the DME firmware, this function is useful.

Start key and synchronization

  • Read and modify key data in the CAS; the activation and deactivation of the key positions is also possible
  • Key training for all CAS1, CAS2 and CAS3 vehicles, even including the latest ISTA-P updates. If an original key is still present and you want to create a secondary key, this is a quick and easy procedure with the key generation program from Abrites. But even if no original key is available, a key can be created for the vehicle. This is a bit more complicated, but with the Abrites feasible
  • The tag programmer allows reading and writing HiTag2 key data. This function is necessary if it is not an original key from BMW.

Read ISN

The individual serial numbers bind the individual modules to a specific vehicle. Thus, the use of these modules in another vehicle is pre-selected. Also the ISN of the DME need these special numbers for the key learning in case no original key is available.

  • Read DME: At the moment, DME data is supported both for E-series diesel and E-series petrol vehicles and for F-series gasoline vehicles. In case of problems with a DME the analysis is made by an online protocol from our team and dynamically supported on the server. The abrites user has to repeat the procedure specified by us and does not need to reinstall it. The somewhat more complicated engine controls like MSV80 and MSD80 require a flash preprocessing, so that the data can be retrieved.
  • Read ISN from CAS: Both the short 4B ISN and the 16 byte ISN are supported. They are therefore used in all older engine control units and in some automatic transmission shafts as well as in most new engine control units.
  • Current CAS3 versions receive the ISNs in the EEPROM. These are encrypted and are only decrypted before the DME is authenticated. With Abrites with the software for the BMW Generation 2, the user is able to encrypt the ISN for the CAS3 versions.
  • ISN reading from EGS: reading the ISN from the electronic gear shaft allows the exchange and adaptation of the used EGS from one vehicle to another
  • Synchronization status: this allows a quick view of the synchronization status between DME and CAS. This makes it easy and fast to troubleshoot start-up problems.

KM Information

The mileage is displayed in all modules. The mileage can be changed for the exchange of individual modules.

Attention: This is just the software, you also need the interface!


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With us you receive not only the DiagProg4 as one of the world’s best diagnostic devices, but also the Abrites diagnostic device including support and training. You can find many other products in our shop.


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